Improve Your Oral Health With These Foods: Pt. 2

Foods that are good for oral health

In our previous blog, we discussed some foods that are beneficial to the health of your mouth. We would like to continue our discussion on foods that can help your teeth by discussing a few more snack options.

You typically want to keep away from foods that are acidic, have high amounts of sugar or are sticky. Foods and drinks that are acidic and loaded with sugar contribute to the build-up of plaque that can cause dental health issues such as decay and gum disease.

Other foods that can help your dental health include:

Sugar-Free Gum
Research completed by the American Dental Association (ADA) found that chewing sugarless gum following meals can help aid in fighting against cavities. Gum brands such as B-Fresh and Spry contain xylitol. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that helps fight against decay and cavities.

This fruit helps increase the saliva flow in your mouth which is important for keeping your mouth clean. Pears also have a neutralizing effect on acid in your mouth that can harm your teeth.

Cheese offers a great source of calcium and is low in both sugar and acid. Cheese also contains casein. Casein is a protein that is excellent for strengthening the surface of your teeth.

Similar to cheese, yogurt is a great source of casein and calcium. Yogurt also contains phosphates that help remineralize your teeth.

As we stated in our last blog, these foods are not a replacement for proper dental hygiene. The best way to keep a healthy mouth is through brushing and flossing twice per day and scheduling regular dental appointments. However, your diet does contribute to your dental health, so choosing mouth healthy snacks is a good way to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

If you are due for your regular teeth cleaning or have any questions about the health of your mouth, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nichols in Littleton, CO.