You May Be Getting Cavities From Those Sweet E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes may cause cavities

The sweet tastes found in e-cigarettes can be equally as negative for you as candy as a result of the chemicals the liquids have inside of them.

The ADA has discovered that sweet-flavored e-cigarettes have similar chemical properties to high-sucrose, gelatin-based candies like gummy bears, and also acidic drinks such as Coke or Pepsi—adversely engaging with tooth enamel.

While e-cigarettes are inhaled, rather than ingested, their content still finds its way to your teeth. A research study recently reported by the ADA Structure Volpe Research Center discovered that sweet-flavored e-cigarettes increase your threat of cavities due to whats located inside of the fluids. It’s not about how you eat something, it’s what you are consuming.

The study examined the changes in the potential for cavities when teeth were exposed to the smoke from flavored e-cigarettes. The found that the combination of chemicals in the vapor and the thickness of the liquid resulted in an increased likelihood of cavities forming.

Thomas Hart, DDS, PhD, and senior supervisor of the ADA Foundation Volpe Research Center explained: “This study will give dentists further information to help educate patients that using e-cigarettes can have detrimental effects on their mouths.” You can review the research study “Cariogenic Potential of Sweet Flavors in Electronic-Cigarette Liquids,” released by PloS One here E-cigarettes do not just pose a risk to your lungs as formerly thought. This research study shows that e-cigarettes can be equally harmful to your mouth and aren’t as great of an alternative to normal cigarettes as some would say. Cavities are a significant issue and need prompt action, reach out to us to make certain you aren’t at risk.