Tooth Sensitivity – Part 1

Tooth Sensitivity

Almost 1 in 8 people experience sensitive teeth.

The sensitivity can range from mild to extreme and can come and go over time. So why is this happening?

If you bite down or eat something sweet you may experience this sensitivity. You may also experience sensitivity when you drink something that is cold or hot. Having sensitive teeth is an important issue to address with your dentist; it could be a sign of other dental related issues. The best way to treat sensitive teeth is to visit the dentist!

Teeth can become sensitive for a number of reasons, including trauma to the tooth or dental health issues. Your dentist will be able to tell what the cause of the sensitivity is and can treat the issue. In part 2 of our series on sensitive teeth, we will go into more detail about what can cause tooth sensitivity.

Do you experience sensitive teeth? If so, do not ignore the issue. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Nichols to discuss what can be done to help relieve this issue.