The Advantage of Regular Visits to the Dentist

Reason to visit the dentist

A regular check-up with Dr. Nichols is essential to prevent tooth or gum problems. It also helps to avoid infection and to keep your teeth intact. Other dental problems that you need to consider include:

Tooth decay

Tooth decay affects the surface of your tooth. As the decay worsens, it moves into the middle of the tooth to form a cavity. This can lead to severe pain and discomfort when eating hot or cold food. If you have this feeling, it is important to visit the dentist to fill the cavity.

Many people inspect their teeth or gums after brushing, but some other areas in the mouth need inspection as well. It is necessary to check the top and underneath your tongue for any strange discoloration, sores or lumps. Apart from checking your mouth, you need to check your face and inner cheeks. If you notice any unusual occurrence, visit Dr. Nichols as soon as possible.

Difficulty in chewing

Difficulty chewing is another sign that you should be visiting the dentist. This occurs due to the pain in the mouth, stiffness in the jaw muscles or problems with the teeth which make it difficult to eat certain foods. Some of the causes related to this problem are from physical changes to your jaw, mouth or tongue or can be caused by oral cancers. Also, it could be a direct result of the chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Bad breath

Another benefit of why regular dental check-ups are important is to prevent bad breath. A dental problem may be causing it. Mouthwash may cover the odor, but the dental problem remains and will make your breath continue to stink. Regular dental check-ups will help to treat the damage in your mouth and bring back your fresh breath. Dr. Nichols can also guide you on the right diet to follow to prevent future dental problems.

Dry mouth

You need to check with the dentist to make sure that the dry mouth you are experiencing is not associated with disease or bacteria in your mouth. Other diseases related to dry mouth include diabetes, low blood pressure, rheumatoid arthritis, and autoimmune diseases.

If you want to keep your tooth healthy, avoid oral cancer and other dental diseases, you must visit Dr. Nichols regularly or at least two times a year for a dental check-up.