The Value of Routinely Flossing Your Teeth

Benefits of Flossing

Most people are aware of the need for using a toothbrush daily, but dental professionals repeatedly hear excuses about why their patients don’t floss.

Some patients feel that brushing their teeth alone is sufficient. A lot of people have read a 2016 story from the Associated Press which pointed out the shortage of investigations done on the effectiveness of flossing. Others are concerned when flossing their teeth causes pain or makes their gums bleed.

The important thing to recognize is that brushes are not capable of cleaning all the surfaces of your teeth. There are areas between your teeth where small food particles and microbes can result in a plaque accumulation. Though mouthwash can get to these areas and get rid of the bacteria, they are not capable of removing the plaque. This plaque will inevitably become tartar, a hard substance that can only be removed by a dental professional like Dr. Nichols, using special tools.

Having plaque in areas where teeth touch can produce tooth cavities which can be difficult to identify, and under the gumline, plaque is likely to lead to irritation, ultimately resulting in gingivitis and periodontal disease. This is generally the reason why gums bleed for some people after they floss their teeth. Flossing helps keep these spaces clean and will allow the gums to heal and return to normal.

A research study performed at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences found that flossing enhances the overall performance of brushing teeth, allowing higher amounts of fluoride to keep in the mouth for greater durations. Though the study leads us to believe that flossing before brushing can be more beneficial, the most important thing is dental floss should be used!

Not sure about the most effective way to floss your teeth? Read these suggestions by the ADA. Keep in mind, your home routine isn’t adequate to keep your teeth completely healthy. Routine visits to the dentist are important. Contact us to set up your exam and cleaning today!