When Should I See the Dentist?

Your regular cleanings and exams are a necessary part of keeping your mouth healthy.

Even if you practice proper hygiene and visit the dentist, dental health issues can still occur. If you experience any dental health problem, you should speak with your dentist as soon as possible. Here are few problems that you should discuss with your dentist.

Does your mouth feel dry?
If you have a lack of saliva in your mouth, you’re at an increased risk of developing cavities. If you suffer from dry mouth, speak with your dentist about treatment options.

Tooth Pain or Sensitivity
Tooth pain or sensitivity are often related to other dental health issues.

Problems with your gums
Your teeth are not the only things in your mouth that can be affected by bacteria. If your gums are bright red, inflamed or bleed after you floss or brush your teeth, contact your dentist.

For other matters that should be discussed with your dentist, click here.

If you are overdue for a cleaning or notice any issues, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nichols in Littleton, CO.