What our patients say:

"Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to seeing my dental case to the finish. I had been told how hard a case like mine was by several dentists over the years and had expected to never have the work done because of the severity and cost restrictions. I would highly recommend Dr.Nichols to anyone needing a hard working, personable and knowledgeable dentist for any of your future dental needs."
Gary W.

Patient Testimonials

"I have suffered with TMD pain, treatments and surgeries for years. After moving to Colorado from out of state, I did extensive research to find a new TMD doctor. When I call the office to speak to a nurse to see if the office would be able to handle my extensive history and complicated issues, I was surprised to be transferred to Dr. Nichols himself! He spent at least 15 minutes talking with me about my past experiences and current symptoms. He was incredibly knowledgeable and I knew it would be well worth my time to get his opinion. When I went for my appointment which was very soon, I was impressed by the office staff too. Dr. Nichols spent a lot of time with me, he was very detailed oriented and checked everything! At the end of his exam, I received detailed information about what he found and options on how to proceed. He has helped me in such an unbelievable way! He continues to follow my progress, talk with me, change things as we need to and genuinely care about my wellbeing. I cannot say enough about his knowledge if TMD and his ability to solve or greatly improve the issues associated with this problem. Dr. Nichols is by far the best TMD specialist I have encountered and I would tell anyone reading this not to go anywhere else. "

Tess P.

"Dr. Nichols performed an equilibration/ bite adjustment a little over a year ago and the difference is amazing. I no longer find myself clenching or grinding, and I am better rested in the morning. I never realized what a difference a perfect bite would make. The littlest change is now noticeable and easily corrected. This is one of the many reasons I enjoy Dr. Nichols and his staff and trust them for all my dental needs."

Shawn C.

"Before I came to Dr. Nichols I had migraines almost every week. Who would have thought that my teeth would be the cause of my headaches. Now that my bite is lined up and my teeth grinding and clenching is gone so are my migraines. Thanks so much Dr. Nichols!"

Peggy W.

"When I first came into Dr. Nichols office I was complaining about headaches and having a "heavy head", shoulder pain and having my head always tired. He did a series of tests and determined I did not have a TMJ disorder, but muscles that never were in rest mode. He gave me several options and I chose the NTI. I was really doubtful that it would help. After the first night of using it, I noticed I did not wake up with a headache. After several nights my jaw was more relaxed and my head did not feel "heavy" anymore. Thanks to Dr. Nichols and his staff I am not suffering with headaches and tenderness around my mouth. "

Linda B.

"I was skeptical, at first, about having the equilibration procedure. I am grateful that I followed Dr. Nichols' recommendation. I no longer need to wear my retainer in the evening, which was a great hassle. The procedure helped with relaxing my jaw muscles, eliminating stress and headaches. I had pain on the right side of my mouth, and had to eat on the left. My previous dentist and endodontist were unable to determine the reason for this pain. After the procedure, the pain was eliminated. Thank You, Dr. Nichols. "

Robin L.

"My priority is to create and maintain healthy teeth, gums and jaw structures for my patients,to relieve dental or TMJ pain through state-of-the-art care, and to help them attain the highest level of dental comfort and functionality."
Dr. Richard Nichols