Diagnosing Tooth Decay

Even the tiniest space of decay can prove to be trouble for your teeth. Cavities can hide along deep anatomical grooves or underneath biting surfaces. In the past, identifying cavities required the use of a sharp instrument to poke and prod for "soft" or "sticky" areas of the tooth surface. Unfortunately, even the most diligent of such methods of decay detection are only 50% to 75% accurate. At Apexx Dental Care, Dr. Richard Nichols uses the DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection System. DIAGNOdent offers a revolutionary means of detecting cavities that allows your exam to be quick, easy, and painless, while giving Dr. Nichols highly accurate and thorough information.

Quick, painless, & accurate detection

DIAGNOdent technology inspects your teeth using a simple laser diode to identify decay. First, Dr. Nichols directs the laser onto a healthy enamel surface to provide a baseline reading. Dr. Nichols then shines the laser light on the suspect areas, grooves and fissures of your teeth. As the laser pulses into grooves and cracks, it reflects a specific wavelength of fluorescent light that is measured by receptors. Whenever the laser encounters a discrepancy between a tooth surface and the healthy baseline value, it emits a different fluorescent light wavelength. These differences in wavelength indicate that there has been some enamel "softening", pointing to an area of decay requiring a restoration, or "filling".

Catching tooth decay early not only protects the integrity of your teeth and results in simple, shallow fillings, but also decreases the chance that additional dental procedures-and expense-will be required to restore the health of your teeth. To top it all off, your DIAGNOdent laser exam will be quick and easy, without the uncomfortable poking and prodding techniques of the past.

Contact cosmetic dentist, Dr. Richard Nichols - serving Littleton, Colorado, if you are interested in learning more about the DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection System or to schedule a professional dental exam. We will design a personalized program to meet your oral care needs.

"Laser cavity detection is the single most beneficial technology Dentistry has delivered in the last 20 years. Early detection and treatment of decay is the key to the longevity of a patients teeth and the avoidance of any unnecessary expense."
Dr. Richard Nichols