You Deserve Better – Dentures and Partials

Denture patients should demand a better functioning denture that they can also look and feel natural wearing. In addition, denture patients should not have to endure denture adhesive, paste, powders and sore spots. A denture wearer is typically very easy to spot due to an improper fit and their overall smile, appearance and speech. Dr. Richard Nichols will create you a denture that looks and feels so natural that you will forget you are wearing dentures.

Dr. Richard Nichols approach and professional lab partners provide premium quality dentures to clients throughout Colorado. His denture system is renowned for its superior comfort, stability, and aesthetics and is the hallmark of premium dentures.

Premium Quality Aesthetics and a More Stable Lower Denture

Superior aesthetic quality is achieved through close attention paid to an individual patient's sex (gender), personality, and age (SPA factor). Other factors include the proper selection and natural placement of the anterior teeth, which takes into consideration the differences between masculine and feminine smiles.

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"When we get the opportunity to treat this disease before it causes perceptible pain, it enables us to have a greater chance for success."
Dr. Richard Nichols